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Our company Guney Pharma was established in 2019 in Istanbul which is the trade center of Turkey. Guney Pharma has been very active in import and export business in the wholesale fields of Pharmaceuticals, Medical and Cosmetics. In a short time it has reached a great trading success by increasing is customer portfolio. With our well organized, innovative and modern analytic working staff we are always ready to give our best services to our customers by keeping the customers satisfaction at the highest level.
Kuzey Pharma is well-established company of representing international brands as well as generic products in Turkey. Kuzey has been in business for over 14 years in this market that owns a wholesale dealer license approved by the Turkish Ministry Of Health. Kuzey provides wholesale parallel trade and drop shipment services of a large chain in Rx, OTC, Oncology, Cardiology, serum and facial aesthetics products and focus strongly on the best possible quantity with desirable prices.
With its 17 years of experience in the sector, advanced network, strong infrastructure and expert staff, Farma – Global renders honest and principled warehousing services to its partners and provides drugs, medical devices, consumables and biological products. Being a renewable company in the ever changing world, meeting the needs of our customers in a solution oriented service principle while widening the product range and the quality are amongst our main goals. Farma-Global supplies medical devices, consumables, biological product and imported or domestic drugs by using its own warehouses and laboratories. Farma-Global also contributes the advancement of the sector by monitoring the developments in the world and human health by its specialized staff.
Elbi is a pharmaceutical store operating with 35 years of experience in the sector. Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse, which serves with a store of 1400 m² in Ankara, is licensed by the Ministry of Health and is regularly inspected by the ministry officials. Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse provides the delivery of medicines and medical supplies around the world with a wide range of products. Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse works to help you to reach high quality products in a timely and complete way by choosing the cold chain transportation system and ensuring that the products are always reliable. Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse, which adopts the perspective that prioritizes human life, supports unconditionally the humanitarian organizations operating in Africa. Coming to these days with safe and reliable steps to In line with its target to become Turkey's best pharmaceutical warehouse, Elbi Pharmaceutical Warehouse, not satisfied with this also has a significant position as the most preferred medical warehouse internationally. Company is exporting pharmaceuticals , medical& lab supplies to hundreds of customers in 60 countries around world. We offer well-branded medicines as well as medical items with very good prices as parallel traders . With the start of the COVID 19 epidemic, we are now offering our own production of COVERALLS , SURGICAL GOWNS , PATIENT GOWNS and Vitamins with reasonable prices and good quality.
BATI PHARMA, 25 years of experience, 50 countries in 6 continents It is a registered pharmaceutical wholesaler registered with the Ministry of Health in 2019 with 250 customers. International pharmacies, hospitals, charities and 3rd World Countries within the United Nations supplies pharmaceutical, medical and health products.
Founded in 1990 Biem Pharmaceuticals with headquarters in Ankara, is a privately held pharmaceutical company engaged in manufacturing, distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. The company’s strength lies in its unique offerings of a high value pharmaceutical products portfolio on the Turkish and global market, pursuing also partnerships with international leading pharmaceutical companies interested to enter on the domestic pharmaceutical market. Our succes is an outcome of strategic focus on the pharmaceutical industry, constantly investing and promoting growth and innovation. Over the years, Biem Pharmaceuticals has extended its footprint beyond Turkey and other countries across the globe. Our expertise lies in manufacturing and licensing of pharmaceutical products, Biem being well positioned to efficiently license, register and commercialize pharmaceutical products in Turkey, and abroad through its international partners. We focus our research and development efforts on developing a portfolio of differentiated products in a wide range of therapeutic areas: Oncology, Hematology, Radiology Transplantology,Ophthalmology and Gynecology.
ActeCo Pharma has been establish in 2013 for sustainable world of health. We supply different kinds of products with high quality and appropriate price. We stick to the principle of "quality first, service first, continuous improvement and innovation to meet the customers" for the management. As a ActeCo Pharma we supply to export medical supplies, otc product, food supplement, medicine, cosmetics products, dermocosmetics products, medical devices, raw materials, biocidal like a lot products. We are doing wholesale trade for this products in Turkey and international. We adopt an idea to protect human health and improve the life quality. We are contracting pharmaceutical warehouses, manufactures and high quality products exports with quality standarts. Our contracted companies are internationally approved companies in terms of their products and products. Our strength side are our experts. They always focus the best ; best products, best relationship, high quality and best partners. You may contact with as for high quality products with low price. We are always on your side for a healthy sustainability.