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s eye equipment, optical devices, solutions, eye equipment
POLIFARMA ILAC A.S.        Türkiye     Servet AKSU    
s veterinary, veterinary products, veterinary medicine, veterinary medicines, veterinary instruments, veterinary drugs, veterinary product, pharmaceutical industry, iv solution, injectable solution, parenteral solution, human serum, irrigation solutions, sodium chloride injection, bss, balanced salt solution, parenteral electrolyte solutions, large volume parenteral solutions, in pp and pvc bags, hospital products, iv infusions, infusion drugs, medicine, pharma, galenic, solution, ampoules, vials, drug, drugs, veterinary products, solutions, ampoule, veterinary product, vial, infusion systems, iv solutions, electrolyte iv solutions, iv expanders, amino acid iv solutions, pre-mix products, ophthalmic solutions, topica drugs, dekstran, polihes, voluhes, izolen, ringer, pf nephricamine, pf k-camine, polteofilin, polgyl, moksilox, paracerol, poliparin, ciprolaks, pricain, levetam, novo-plan, plantigmin, linkoles, electrolyte iv solution, iv expander, amino acid iv solution, pre-mix product, irrigation solution, ophthalmic solution, infusion system, topica drug, pharmaceutical, pharmaceuticals
SKY LINK SOLUTIONS        Pakistan     Bilal Aziz Qureshi    
s air freight, cargo, carrier, consignment, container, freight forwarding, shipping, shipping line, sky links, skylinks, solutions
SAMANYOLU MEDIKAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Soner KAVAL    
s medical materials, medical equipments, analysis and measurement, aspiration catheter, balance cane, bed-side monitor, brain surgery products, cardiology products, catheter, cervical collar, cholesterol equipments, digital thermomether, elastic bandages, flasters, foley catheter, gas compresors, hand and foot health, hemodialysis products, incubator disinfactions, infusion pumps, inpatient products, medicated stents, nebulisator, poviiodeks antiseptik baticon, orthopedic products, medical devices, wheelchair, patient pad, surgical instruments, cotton, weighing machine, bandage, elastic bandage, patient pads, overshoe, medical supplies, plasters, examination gloves, medical equipment, medical equipment, medical equipment, wheelchairs, skin care products, hand care products, oral care products, aluminum orthopedic products, scuba, pef meter, air-bearing systems, arm blood pressure monitor measures, baby weighing machine, bathroom scale, battery car, battery operated cars, bedridden patient product, bedridden patient products, blood pressure cuffs, bpap devices, browse materials, chamber, clinical thermometers, clinical type blood pressure monitor, colostomy, colostomy products, cpap equipment, diaper, digital blood pressure measuring equipment, digital blood pressure monitor, duck sliders enema, ear plugs, ear temperature gauge, emergency first aid products, family health and medicine supplies, finger splint, gauze, injectors, kits, living wheel, lower limb products, manual blood pressure monitor, massage products, maternal and infant health products, measure body temperature, measures spout fire, medical corsets, medical cotton, medical cotton, medical probe, medical product, medical products, medical products, medicine boxes, nebulizers, non-contact temperature gauge, nurse-type blood pressure monitor, oxygen concentrators, patient beds, patient cots, patient gland, physical therapy products, power wheel chairs, power wheelchair, pulse oximetry, shoe covers, sickbed, urostomy, urostomy products, with silicone orthopedic products, upper extremity products, respiratory devices, snoring device, triflow, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, wrist blood pressure monitor measures, types of pediatric sphygmomanometer, adult type blood pressure monitor, vaccine transport containers, urine bags, synthetic gypsum, water bag, stockings, wound care products, solutions
JEOMED ILAC VE SAGLIK URUNLERI A.S.        Türkiye     Jeomed Pharmaceuticals    
s cosmetic products, natural cosmetic products, organic cosmetic products, tea tree oils, geothermal spa waters, sweat sprays, eye shampoos, eye swaps, liquid soaps, acne gels, shampoos, foam creams, genital hygiene foam creams, lubricants, ph balancings, delayer sprays, herbal supplements, performance enhancers, enthusiasm promoters, performance enhancers for men, performance enhancers for women, tanning sun oils, moisturizing lotions, moisturizers, tanning lotions, creams, clay masks, face care, liquid soap, solution, shampoo, cream, clay mask, wipes, tonics, lubricant, face care cosmetics, wipe, solutions, acne cream, cosmetic product, toothpastes, toothpaste, whiteners, tonic, whitener, face care cosmetic, face care masks, acne creams, face cleaning gels, face moisturizers, lozenges, organic lozenges, oral sprays, oral hygiene providers, echinacea concise toothpastes, miswak concise toothpastes, balmoils for baths, breath openers, insulin carrier pouches, nail solutions, herpes sore protectors, roll-ons, natural cosmetic product, organic cosmetic product, tea tree oil, geothermal spa water, sweat spray, eye shampoo, eye swap, acne gel, foam cream, nail solution, roll-on, herbal supplement, moisturizer, balmoil for bath, breath opener, delayer spray, echinacea concise toothpaste, enthusiasm promoter, face care mask, face cleaning gel, face moisturizer, genital hygiene foam cream, herpes sore protector, insulin carrier pouche, lozenge, miswak concise toothpaste, moisturizing lotion, oral hygiene provider, oral spray, organic lozenge, performance enhancer, performance enhancer for men, performance enhancer for women, ph balancing, tanning lotion, tanning sun oil
s solutions, integrated bridge systems, integrated platform management systems, combat management systems, csdn, csvn, integrated maritime surveillance systems, command centre integration, simulation solutions, combat decision support systems, customer support services, solutions
s business development, investment service, project management, business transformation
s fertilizer, chemicals, solutions
EKSEN ILAC LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Eksen Pharma    
s pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, medications, drugs, medicines, curatives, cures, pills, remedies, medicaments, pharmaceutical products, solutions, pharmaceutical consulting, pharm products, new pharmaceutical products, pharma healthcare products, dekstroz, polideks, accu check, accu-check, accuzide, acnegen, acnedur, acmel, aclasta, achtung, acetylcystein, acort, actemra, actidem, actilyse, ativelle, actonel, actrapid, actos, aljil, alkeran, allegra, alfasilin, alfoxil, ceclor, cedrina, carvexal, carteol, carnitene, caresens, cefaks, dextrocin, dexplus, epitam, epivir, epixx, pharmaceutical, pharmacy, medication, drug, medicine, curative, cure, pill, remedy, medicament, pharmaceutical product, solution, pharm product, new pharmaceutical product, pharma healthcare product
SSD CHEMICAL CENTER        Tayland     Hassan Zummanah    
s chemical solution, chemical solutions, chemical, chemicals, solution, solutions
KUZEY PHARMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Volkan Akyıldız    
s pharmacies, medications, drugs, medicines, curatives, pills, remedies, pharmas, medical materials, medical equipments, medical items, medical products, brand medications, generic medications, hospital equipments, medical substances, parental solutions, solutions, aesthetic filling materials, hospital devices, serums, prescription drugs, ethical drugs, prescriptions, prescription medicines, pharmacy, medication, drug, medicine, curative, pill, remedy, pharma, medical material, medical equipment, solution, prescription medicine, prescription, prescription drug, hospital equipment, serum, medical product, medical item, hospital device, brand medication, generic medication, medical substance, parental solution, aesthetic filling material, ethical drug
KLG EUROPEAN        Türkiye     .... ....    
s road, transport, road transport, air, sea, air freight, freight, sea freight, logistic, solutions, logistic solutions, warehousing, value added services, engineering, intermodal, trucking
HALIS KIMYA        Türkiye     erdoğan küçük    
s chemistry, chemical, substance, chemicals, solutions, alkaline, chemical materials, chemical products, cleaning, cleaning materials, cosmetic, shampoo, soap, liquid, medicine, drugs
CHEMICALLAB        Türkiye     fallah morgan    
s sssd solution, sssd solutions, solution, solutions, sssd
s design, websites, mhd, interior design, exterior design, graphic, 3d, web, solutions, it, tech, technology, website, app, apps, application, applications, website, applications
PEKIN ECZA DEPOSU        Türkiye     Pekin Üstündağ    
s original drugs, generics tablets, capsules, solutions, salves, ointments, syringes, vials, medical supplies, hospital equipment
LABEN LABORATUVAR END. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ahmet CESUR    
s laboratory system, laboratory products, laboratory items, safety showers, draining racks, taste test table, balance, balance table, working table, wall cabinets, glass display cabinets, tall cabinets, services towers, storage shelves, safety storage cabinets, acid and alkali storage cabinets, bench contruction system, fume cupboards, a frame bench construction system, c frame bench, c frame bench construction system, pedestal construction system, island bench, service system, chemical storage, stoneware, trespa, woktops, worktops, co, fume hood, laboratory furniture, lab furniture, wall benchs, middle benchs, pp sinks, poliproplen sink, safety cupboards, door, window, laboratory equipments, sinks, chairs, compact laminate, school furniture, medical equipment, latex, ladders, electrical system, workbench, base cabinets, gloves, hvac, lighting system, floor covering, solutions, latex gloves, laboratory furnitures, gas system, safety cabinets, soap dispensers, laboratory layouts, acid cabinets, chemical storage cabinets, tall cupboards, top-mounted cupboards, service walls, towel dispensers, extraction arms, lab dishwashers, cabinet ladders, eye shower, general purpose fume cupboards, radionuclide fume cupboards, pharmacy fume cupboards, trespa tabletops, polypropylene tabletops, beech tabletops, solid ceramic tabletops, composite ceramic tabletops, stainless steel tabletops, epoxy tabletops, tiles tabletops, laboratory workbenches, laboratory chairs, laboratory sinks, laboratory draining racks, laboratory soap dispensers, laboratory towel dispensers, laboratory eye showers, laboratory extraction arms, laboratory lab dishwashers, laboratory ladders, laboratory cabinet ladders, laboratory service wall ladders, tabletop, fire system, fitings, emergency shower, tall cabinet, stainless steel worktops, sinks and cupsinks, local extractors, underbench cabinets and drawers, non-slipery ceramic tiles, susppended ceiling, dividing walls, dividing walls and door and window system, electrical and gas installation, emergency system, fire and emergency system, hazardous subtance cabinets, hight performance fume cupboards, underbench cabinet, pp tabletops
RENAL ILAC SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     A. Celalettin ŞENER    
s medical materials, medical solutions, solutions, disinfectants, consumables, medical consumables, hemodialysis concentrates, hemodialysis disinfectants, hemodialysis consumables, hemodialysis solutions, acid concentrates, basic concentrates, powder bicarbonates, bicarbonate hemodialysis solutions, dialysers, arter ven sets, arter-ven sets, dialysis cathaters, cathaters, arterial venous blood lines, blood lines, acetate solutions, bicarbonate solutions, fistula needles, dialysis machines, solution, disinfectant, medical consumable, medical material, hemodialysis solution, medical solution, consumable, hemodialysis concentrate, hemodialysis disinfectant, hemodialysis consumable, acid concentrate, basic concentrate, powder bicarbonate, bicarbonate hemodialysis solution, dialyser, arter ven set, arter-ven set, dialysis cathater, cathater, arterial venous blood line, blood line, acetate solution, bicarbonate solution, fistula needle, dialysis machine
ISLAB TIBBI MALZEME LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Kadri DÖNMEZ    
s medical products, medical materials, medical tests, screening tests, medical screening tests, newborn screening tests, antibody screening tests, biotinidase tests, blood grouping systems, fenilalanin kits, florometric biotinidase kits, biotinidase kits, tsh kits, florometric tsh kits, neonatal fenilalanin kits, neonatal florometric biotinidase kits, neonatal tsh kits, neonatal biotinidase kits, neonatal florometric tsh kits, brucella coombs gel tests, biotinidase assays, blood grouping gel syste, solution, solutions, medical product, medical material, blood grouping reagents, blood grouping gel systems, diluents, medical test, screening test, medical screening test, newborn screening test, antibody screening test, biotinidase test, blood grouping system, fenilalanin kit, florometric biotinidase kit, biotinidase kit, tsh kit, florometric tsh kit, neonatal fenilalanin kit, neonatal florometric biotinidase kit, neonatal tsh kit, neonatal biotinidase kit, neonatal florometric tsh kit, brucella coombs gel test, biotinidase assay, blood grouping gel system, blood grouping reagent, diluent
ILKO ILAC A.S.        Türkiye     Cafer KECEÇİOĞLU    
s pharmaceuticals, therapeutic areas, alimentarty tract and metabolism, cardiovascular system, hematopoietic system, infection, musculo skeletal system, nervous system, respiratory system, angiotensin antagonists, antidepressants, medical, pharmaceutical, pharmaceuticals industry, tablets, prescription medicine, pharmaceutical company, prescription drugs, otc drugs, pharma, solutions, otc medicine, medicine, pills, medical solutions, otc pharma, respiratory medicine, breathing system medicine, respiratory pharma, breathing system drugs